Thermal Spray Wear Resistant Coatings – Is Ceramic The Best Ever? Not Always and Here’s Why

Thermal spray wear resistant coatings include a variety of ceramic. Great material choices in a number of applications. No doubt. Just not under these circumstances, and here’s why.

Ceramic is brittle by nature. Depending on wear mechanism, it (they) can chip, crack, even form fine powders, at or below the surface. Unlike metals or plastics under high contact stress, ceramics cannot undergo plastic deformation. Not in any measurable sense. As a result, ceramic coatings fracture under stress.

Unfortunately, even under extreme temperatures, ductility remains insignificant. The brittle condition remains largely unchanged. Not only are ceramic coatings vulnerable to higher stress, but in circumstances where there is a tensile component, too. This makes them poor candidates for abrasive wear. Being without a low elastic modulus, you see.

But mechanical wear is just one issue for ceramic coatings. Whether thermal spraying, plasma spray, hvof, many are susceptible to thermal shock fracture. This is because their heat transfer is so poor.

Imagine large heat gradients forming local “hot spots.” There, large tensile stresses or cracking can develop. This, alone, can lead to fracture. And frictional heat relating to sliding motion is no exception.

Erosive wear can also become an issue. Based on ceramics sensitivity to strain, their wear rate to erosion or material removal can be most vulnerable when impingement angles near ninety degrees. As compared with metals, which fair equally poor, when impingement angles are much lower.

To maximize wear performance from your ceramic coating, be sure the eroding medium is softer. If the eroding medium is harder, the erosion rate can be minimized. Just create as much fracture toughness as possible. And be sure to request reduced porosity, smaller grain size, too. Under those circumstances, ceramic based thermal spray wear resistant coatings are best.

Direct Email Marketing Software – The 3 Required Tools

Is it likely to have direct email marketing software that contains every single component that is needed for a successful email marketing campaign?

Having a reliable direct email marketing software to manage all of your email campaigns can be frustrating if you do not have certain profit building tools built within the software. Frustration can occur if you setup email promotions that fail one after the other, without knowing the real reasons of the failure. The great thing about these required tools is that they let you know the reasons why your email campaigned failed. These tools are mandatory if you expect to reap excellent returns from your email promotions.

But before I begin describing what is needed in direct email marketing software, let me first explain what this software is.

Direct email marketing software is software that allows you to manage and control your very own bulk email marketing campaign. The great thing about having your own direct email marketing software is that you do not have to pay to send an email to each subscriber on your list. Having this type of software can greatly reduce your business expenses because not only do you not have to pay for your mailings, but you do not have to pay and hire a marketing firm to manage your email marketing campaign as well. This type of software can create large business efficiency.

Right now, there are multiple direct marketing software packages that are available online. Some of these packages are even shareware software programs that do not even require an initial investment in order to use the software.

But if you expect to have direct email marketing software that is full of the rich features that are needed to create profitable email promotions, then you will have to dig deep within your pocket book – but not very deep.

From my experience using direct email marketing software, there are only 3 mandatory tools that are needed in order to ensure email marketing success. Finding direct email marketing software, that at least utilizes these 3 tools, will greatly reduce the cost of this software.

Therefore, listed below are the 3 tools that should be included in any direct email marketing software that you use now or in the future.

Tool #1 – Open Rate Measurement

An excellent way to measure the effectiveness of your email subject line is to have software that tracks the number of subscribers that open up your email to read it. With this powerful tool, you can select and archive which email subject lines provided the highest open rate response. You can then tailor all of future your email campaign subject lines around the proven subject lines that provided the highest email open rate.

Tool #2 – Tracking Capability

Good direct email marketing software will track the number of subscribers that actually respond to your advertisement and click on a link within your email. In other words, this tracking capability monitors the amount of subscribers who are turned into responsive visitors due to your email promotion. The awesome thing about this tool is that it lets you know how responsive and loyal your email readership is.

Tool #3 – Anti Spam Filter

Another important tool to have in direct email marketing software is an anti spam filter. An anti spam filter is highly recommended because it will let you know whether or not your email will be considered as spam. It will be a tragedy if you spent the whole day compiling an email promotion that never entered into the recipients email inbox due to it being caught by the spam filters. Therefore, in order to guarantee that the email bypasses the spam filters of various internet service providers, you must make sure that a spam detector is included in your direct email marketing software.

I hope that these 3 required tools helped you discover what you need to look for in direct email marketing software. Just focus all of your efforts into finding software that contain these 3 important requirements, and you should be able to get this software at a decent price. In my free report, I include information about an affordable direct email marketing software that I recommend. You can access this report at But if you are searching for direct email marketing software, you have to make sure it includes all of these 3 requirements. I can not stress this enough. You will reap incredible rewards in your business and with your email promotions if all of these components were included in the software.

Teleseminar Selling Strategies – How To Utilize Teleclasses To Sell Your Products And Services

You can use teleseminars to sell your products and services by reaching more people in a shorter amount of time. Teleseminars can be done easily from your home and can be recorded for replay at a later time. Even if you are just starting out, holding a teleseminar will help you to refine your message and build credibility with those who are just getting to know you and your business. Here are some strategies to use when selling your products and services using teleseminars.

Prepare a study guide for people to print out and follow during your call. This will give them something to take notes on and will also contain your contact information on each page.
Find a logical point on each page of your study guide to discuss your upcoming programs and give people an opportunity to sign up for your programs.
Allow people to submit their questions during your teleseminar. This will give you a chance to see what they want to know more about and also enable you to show your expertise in these areas.
Create urgency and scarcity by one of several means. You can tell them how many spots are left and then count them off as the remaining spots are taken. Or, you may want to raise the price at specific intervals to encourage people to register early. You can also give away additional bonuses to those who take action early in your teleseminar. These are all methods that motivate people to take action and join your program or purchase your products.
You can also invite a guest expert to come on your teleseminar and say something about what you are selling. This person may be able to inspire your listeners to take action in a different way than you can do.